Silver Dollar Coins

08 Apr

The silver dollar coin is a United States coin that is worth one United States dollar. The silver dollar coin is the second largest United States coin that is currently minted for circulation in terms of its size as it has a diameter of 1.04 inches and its thickness is 0.79 inches which is equivalent to 26.5mm, coming the second to the half of the dollar. Dollar coins have been made in in different versions which are in gold, silver and base metal. The term silver dollar coin is mostly used for any large white metal coin that is issued by the United States

Silver American eagle is one type of the silver dollar used in the United States and it was first issued in 1986 and they are not private minted. Silver coins was one type of coins that were circulated before the American Revolutionary war that were made from made from silver that was mined from Central and South America Mines. These silver coins were in use throughout the colonies and later the United States and they were legal tender till 1857. The United States minted produced these silver dollar coins from 1794 to 1803 and then they stopped their regular production till 1836.

The first silver dollars which were about 1,758 were coined on 15th October in 1794 and they were effectively delivered to Mint Director who was by then known as David Rittenhouse for their distribution among dignitaries. During this time, the original us silver dollar coins were highly valued and they were now ranged from fairly common to incredibly rare. The silver dollar coins were also used to gifts the rulers in Asian in exchange for trade benefits. In 1836, the value of silver dollar coins increased since miners in California lowered the price of gold. By 1853, the value of the silver dollar coin contained in gold terms, $1.89 of silver. Thereafter, the production of the United States dollar coins was continued but in very small numbers and they were mainly used in foreign trade to the orient.

The silver dollar coins were later reduced in weight and many International Traders were not for the idea as the much use of half dollars became a problem since they could not be able to separate higher valued silver dollar coins from the newer reduced ones. This came to an end when the price of silver dropped so that a silver dollar coin could have less $1.00 worth of silver in it. Look for more information about coins at

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